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The intelligent sanitary ware of Jie Jie insists on the concept of "people-oriented", and regards employees as the most valuable asset of enterprises. organize various sports competitions, training, skills, festival and other sports activities, enrich the amateur life of the staff, and promote the healthy development of every employee.
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    Tejjer vision
    Make the Chinese smart toilet a world myth
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    Mission of Tejjer
    To create a bath and improve the quality of life
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    The core values of Tejjer
    Constantly create value and achieve full win
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    Environmental policy of Tejjer
    We are duty bound to protect the environment
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    The idea of Tejjer
    Client needs are the roots of the enterprise
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    The spirit of Tejjer
    Professional, pragmatic, and efficient
Tejjer people with " constantly create value " for their own responsibility, based on scientific and technological innovation, constantly create a more harmonious, more comfortable, more clean life of human life new realm, lead the world bathroom fashion, create toilet technology myth. " the grand pass is like iron, and now it is moving from the beginning. On the road to the world famous brand, it records the original dream of the Tejjer people and the perseverance as always. Now, the people of Tejjer are making up the star industry of the bathroom industry and the champion brand of the world with the speed of catching up with the sun.
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    Tejjer location
    It's in sync with the world
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    Tejjer style
    Doing things with heart, honesty as a person
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    Brand positioning of Tejjer
    Reason, classic, mature, and steady
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    Tejjer team spirit
    Efficiency and cooperation
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    The goal of the Tejjer marketing team
    Be the best and most competitive team