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Smart toilet, open sanitary new civilization

2017/4/7      view:

The new civilization of the intelligent technology always let us yearning, along with some fiction movies welcomed by market, people are unlimited to think about the future life. Compared with the future of artificial intelligence are far a way to general public, they are more likely to accept modern intelligent household changes the life. With the growing popularity of the intelligent toilet seat, sanitary ware entered into new civilization.

Toilet history: Micro- evolution, great civilization

Changing from cesspool to flushing toilet, the improvement of toilet not only meet daily  life demands, but also change the life style. The emergence of the first flush toilet in modern civilization period provide the bathroom clean environment. The first smart toilet has wash function, start no tissue ages.

In the future, smart toilet will keep developing, most sanitary brand begin to develop intelligent more emotional and humanized.

What civilization does smart toilet bring us at present stage?

Take Tejjer smart toilet as example, the latest one in 2014, with the function of Android mobile remote control. But it’s just functional changes, what civilization does it bring us?

“Environmental-friendly”  has become a part of the civilization consumption now. Adopt tankless design, cut down the material cost. At same time, instant heat cleaning and intelligent wash are more water-saving and energy-saving. In addition, the degradable material is also more environmental.

The emergence of independent bathroom make people more private about toilet. But it’s just visual. The smart toilet can flush super silently.  And make more private acoustically, and avoid making noise when family are having a rest.

(Tejjer Marketing Department)