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Smart Toilet: What Will Intelligent Developed In The Future

2017/4/6      view:

The related data displayed that high consumption people has reached 250million, account for 19% of general population of China, but the smart sanitary are not common in the market, even far from nearly 70% of the Japanese market coverage.

The reason why smart toilet is not common is that smart sanitary is not developed in Chinese market for a long time, especially the smart sanitary which are made in domestic .

At present, there’s large space to develop smart sanitary market with the efforts of supplier, agents ,industry and customer.

Now, more and more people begin to accept intelligent products, especially abroad students, tourists, who experience personally on smart toilet.

Smart sanitary consumer spending to 70% in developed countries, especially in Japan and Korea. Now many Chinese house decoration become much modern, and more acceptable on smart sanitary with healthy function. Such as prevent the constipation and  Hemorrhoids.

In recent years, smart sanitary get more and more humanized with the function of warm water, auto deodorizer, heated seat etc. Chinese people have always attaches importance to preserve their health, especially now that income levels increase, consumers of keeping healthy is more exquisite, healthtips industry is becoming more and more developed. To some extent, the commons between smart sanitary and healthtips are providing people a comfortable life.

(Tejjer Marketing Department)