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Maintain tips: Smart toilet maintain and cleaning method

2017/4/7      view:

The bathroom are easy to be damp and mouldy, therefore, keep it moisture and mould proof are very important. Today, we’d like to share some maintain and cleaning tips of smart toilet, wish they are helpful to you.

1.Do not stroke or stand on sanitary .

2.Do not close toilet lid fiercely

3.Use cloth with water to clean sanitary softly. Do not use grinding and strong(acid base) detergent to clean toilet and cistern components, or it will cause damage to surface and accessories.

4.Do not turn off toilet when detergent is put in, please turn off after water flushing.

5.Do not use hot water to clean sanitary.

6.Do not watering LCD display to avoid damping sensor motherboard or short circuit of appliance.

7.If you can not solve the problems after referring to manual, please contact local agents or manufacture to maintain. Do not repair yourself, it may cause accident.

Clean smart toilet:

1. Bowl and seat: Detach bowl and seat before cleaning, lift up seat to apart .

2. Bowl:After apart seat, please completely clean dirty parts. Use not dried but soft cloth to wipe toilet. Do not use detergent or medicine to clean, it may cause damage.  Then assemble them after cleaning.

3. Filter screen: When sewage block filter screen of water inlet, may cause water pressure not enough. Thus please clean it regularly. Steps: Turn off inlet valve;Screw out filter screen by tools;Use brush or toothbrush to clean.

4. Nozzle: Turn on nozzle self-cleaning button, it will spray water for nozzle cleaning. Pull out nozzle and hold it by hand to clean nozzle and wand. Use wet and soft cloth to clean it, then turn off self cleaning button.

5. Clean deodorizer air entry, if it has bad smell, please replace deodorant. The air volume will decrease if deodorizer has dust or biofilm, please use brush or toothbrush to clean.

To avoid smart toilet damage from freezing in winter, please flush out all water when not use. Steps:

Turn off water inlet.

Screw out drainage bolt

Screw back after ensuring no water.

(Tejjer Marketing Department)